TL Network has been formalized in Lisbon in 2010 as the principal result of the ESF Exploratory Workshop held at Institute of Social Sciences – University of Lisbon (ICS-UL).

TL Network researchers are interested in the numerous aspects of transnational living and families and recognize how people, goods, money and ideas move across national boundaries engendering changes in relationships between individuals and institutions.

TL Network proposes an innovative approach and topic in transnationalism studies considering the multiples effects of mobility in the contemporary world.

TL Network is part of the Observatory on Families and Family Policies in Portugal, sited at ICS-UL.

Projects in progress at ICS-UL

There are several projects being developed in the context of the Transnational Lives, Mobility and Gender research program, which comprises two research fellows, one post-doc researcher and three PhD students working in several projects that share a common theoretical and methodological approach in the study of contemporary mobility through a transnational perspective.


Places and belongings: circular conjugalities between Angola and Portugal  (PTDC/AFR/119149/2010)

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