The network was born by initiative of a group of researchers at the Institute of Social Sciences – University of Lisbon (ICS-UL) comprises two research fellows, one post-doc researcher and three PhD students working in several projects that share a common theoretical and methodological approach in the study of contemporary mobility.

The research group combines the expertise of researchers from different countries and scientific areas (economics, geography, African studies, sociology, and development studies). The multi-disciplinary nature of the team members is a very important element taking into account the complex and multi-dimensional nature of the research programme through a transnational perspective.

There are several projects being developed in the context of the Transnational Lives, Mobility and Gender research program:


Ongoing Projects at ICS-UL


Places and belongings: circular conjugalities between Angola and Portugal (PTDC/AFR/119149/2010)

Team: Marzia Grassi (Coord.), Jeanne Vivet, Aline Afonso and Tatiana Ferreira.

Transnational child-raising arrangements between Africa and Portugal (TCRAf-EU/2009)

Team: Marzia Grassi (Coord.), Jeanne Vivet and Luena Marinho.


Already concluded

Migration Trajectories from Africa, Illegality and Gender: comparative analysis from Portugal and Italy (PIHM/GC/0046/2008)

Team: Marzia Grassi (Coord.), Marianna Bacci Tamburlini, Pedro Rodrigues, Tatiana Ferreira, Augusto Nascimento, Alberto Sobrero, Martina Giuffré, Caterina Cingolani and Francesco Fanoli.

Ended: 31/12/2011

Angola in Movement: Sociabilities and informal trade (PPCDT/AFR/59446/2004)

Team: Marzia Grassi (Coord.), Samuel Aço, Carlos Lopes and Cristina Rodrigues.

Ended 31/12/2009

Final publication: (2010) Forms of Familial, Economic, and Political Association in Angola Today: A Foundational Sociology of an African State, The Edwin Mellen Press, New York, London.


PhD projects

"The presence of absence - Ways of living and representing the family in a transnational context between Portugal and Angola" (SFRH/BD80499/2011)

Claúdia Luena Marinho. Supervisors: Marzia Grassi and Ana Nunes de Almeida

"Transnational conjugalities and citizenship: experiences of "illegal" migrants in Italy and Portugal" (SFRH/BD/72765/2010)

Marianna Bacci Tamburlini. Supervisor: Marzia Grassi

"Gender and generations: processes of transition to adult life of young descendants from Portuguese speaking African countries" (SFRH/BD/61130/2009)

Tatiana Ferreira. Supervisors: Fernando Luís Machado and Marzia Grassi


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