Gender and generations

 processes of transition to adult life of young descendants from Portuguese speaking African countries



Tatiana Ferreira. Supervisors: Fernando Luís Machado and Marzia Grassi



This project will adopt a comparative methodology between young descendants from PALOP and their parents in what concern representations and the processes of transition to adulthood in a gender perspective. This analysis gives us the overlapping, density, and sequence of the different life events in the two generations, by identifying the main differences in terms of timing, duration, and order of life’s major events, like finishing education, entering the labor market, leaving home, conjugality and parenthood. In that way we can discuss if the condition of being children's of migrants makes difference in their life trajectories.  We can discuss if in the different spheres, there is a reproduction of their parents trajectories. In the other hand, the analysis of their parent’s trajectories can highlight from different aspects that can avoid the overvaluation of their migrant status. Although we can ignore the significance of the migratory trajectory as an important event in their life’s.