Forms of Familial, Economic, and Political Association in Angola Today


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     The Edwin Mellen Press

     With a Foreword by Keith Hart






This sociological study examines the relationship between a society’s economy and the social  structures that underpin it.


“Combining quantitative and qualitative data gathered through questionnaires and in-depth interviewing, the author provides an innovative approach to the themes of the research grounded in a solid empirical basis that takes the diversity of the contexts into account. Her conclusions are relevant not only to the knowledge of the workings of the informal economy in Angola and among its Diaspora but also to an enriched understanding of the complex processes implicated in contemporary globalization.”

Prof. José Manuel Sobral, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon


"This book is a precious guide to understand how this African economy really works. Formal, informal, «national» and «global» are not concepts easy to define. But we need them for a deep understanding of how economy and society are closely related in an African country like Angola. This book gives the reader a precious framework for that purpose. On the other hand, this essay is also relevant in terms of methodology. After all, not only the world economy suffers from a deep global crisis. The Economic thinking also needs new approaches to face that crisis. This research is a good example of   methodological tools useful to the understanding of the present world system"

Prof. Mário Murteira (Professor Emeritus (Economics), ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute


"I learned a great deal from this informative volume and so will a wide variety of readers. I hope that it will encourage other researchers to take up the study of the Angolan people and their economy, an exciting mixture of a state reborn and an informal commerce, nourished by war, that today knows no limits to its engagement with the world as a whole."

Prof. Keith Hart - School of Development Studies, University of Kwazulu Natal, Durban


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