Team Members in Portugal: Marzia Grassi (Coord.), Tatiana Ferreira, Marianna Bacci Tamburlini and Manuel Abrantes.


The institutions involved are: Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville (Spain) (coordinator), University of Florence (Italy), University of Paris 8 (France), University of Lisbon (Portugal), University of Cuyo, Mendoza (Argentina), University of Salta (Argentina), El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (Mexico), Centro UNESCO de Ceuta (Spain). 


The overall aim of the proposal is to create a permanent interdisciplinary research and training network and to promote a mutual and beneficial transfer of knowledge between European (Spain, Portugal, Italy and France) and Latin American (Argentina and Mexico) Universities in the field of Gender Studies, in order to enrich the theoretical framework, to set up new research projects and to consolidate the institutional dimension of the existing research and training programs (Masters, Doctoral Studies, Summer Schools), having gender as focus. The aim will be reached through the exchange of experienced and early stage researchers, the organization of Workshops, a Summer School and a final Conference and the production of significant scientific publications in the field of Gender Studies. Outreach activities are foreseen outside the academic world reaching politicians, stakeholders and the general public with the aim of suggesting strategies and proposing recommendations for promoting gender equality. The University of Lisbon is managing the Mobility and Gender network (TLM&G), formalized in Lisbon in 2010, which covers a large number of Universities, namely in the Portuguese speaking area in Latin America (Brazil) and Africa. The GENDERCIT project will take advantage of this experience and expertise to promote the creation of a Mobility and Gender Network, the new Permanent interdisciplinary research and training network in Gender Studies (PIRTNetGS).