WP Series

TL Network is pleased to announce its first working paper series (ISSN 2182-5718)

The purpose of this collection is to create a scientific peer reviewed working papers series to promote the communication among scholars, students and in society at large in the field of Transnational Lives, Mobility and Gender studies. Working paper proposals should contain methodological advances or empirical applications concerning transnational lives and family issues, as well as their economic impact on development. It is a peer-reviewed international series and we will try to review the proposal within 30 days. TL Working Papers Series will be approved for release by the Editorial Board. Papers must be original and unpublished. That is, not having been published or in press in any other journal. We strongly encourage multiple authors' papers.

Editorial Board: Marzia Grassi, Bruno Riccio, Karin Wall, Giovanna Campani, Signe Arnfred, Martina Giuffrè and Knut Graw.

TL Working Papers is catalogued under.

How to submit a working paper?

The content of papers is the responsibility of individual authors. Papers must be submitted to the WP Series coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) following the Guidelines for authors that can be downloaded here.